G-Trak Hockey Multisport Target
G-Trak Hockey Target on retractable screen
G-Trak Hockey Target on retractable screen

Hockey Goalie Target

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Becoming a better hockey player is a continuous process and getting valuable ice time to work on your shooting and passing skills isn't always reality. The G-TRAK Retractable Impact Screen and hockey targets give you a year-round practice system that can be used whenever you want, then put away when you're back on the ice.

The Goalie Target Accessory for the G-TRAK has multiple features:

  • Easily attaches to G-Trak System
  • Life Size Goalie Target
  • 5 Target Holes
  • Easy to store

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How it Works

Simply attach the Hockey Target to the frame of your G-TRAK Retractable Screen or net with the included straps.

G-Trak Hockey Target on retractable screen
G-Trak Hockey Multisport Target

Built To Last

All G-TRAK Accessory Targets were designed to be the most durable sports targets on the market.

G-Trak Multisport Targets on G-Trak Retractable Screen

Whatever it Takes

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From Hockey to Baseball, G-TRAK has easy to attach accessories to help you improve your game!

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