The Garage Game Changer!

Transform your garage into a multisport training area!


G-TRAK, a multisport retractable screen system that simply attaches to the rails of a garage door can be lowered for practice and play, then quickly rolled and raised for storage out of the way.

It allows you to utilize your garage space for various activities without permanent installations or loss of open space – the best of both worlds!

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Core Features

G-Trak Retractable Screen rolled up


G-TRAK solves a major obstacle of lack of space. Don't let these limitations put boundaries on your training and enjoyment! Add G-TRAK's patented bracket system to the garage door rails and simply lower the screen to use, then retract it around the crossbar for storage.


Push the down button and G-TRAK unrolls into position. When done playing or training, just push the up button and G-TRAK retracts back up and out of the way for your vehicles to be stored.

G-Trak Retractable remote with no logo
A view of the G-Trak screen looking from down to up


G-TRAK is light-weight, yet engineered with industrial strength, commercial grade steel and aluminum designed to absorb the full impact of balls and pucks.

G-trak retractable golf practice screen with golf simulation software on screen.

your training tool


Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your golf practice routine. Elevate your game with the G-TRAK Retractable Golf Screen and makeyour garage the envy of every golfer in the neighborhood!