The G-Trak Retractable Impact Screen System Info

The G-TRAK system offers a unique solution for sports enthusiasts and entertainment lovers. Here's a summary of its features:

G-Trak bracket attached to garage tracks

G-Trak Brackets

The patented brackets are designed to mount around the exterior of garage door tracks. This design ensures that the garage door can move up and down freely, and cars can be parked inside after use.

G-Trak Retractable Screen rolled up in garage


The G-TRAK system can be easily stored up and out of the way with just a button press, allowing vehicles to be parked underneath as usual.

G-Trak Retractable remote with no logo

Retractable & remote control

Push the button down and the G-TRAK impact screen unrolls from the crossbar into place. When done playing/practicing, simply push the up button and G-TRAK retracts around the crossbar for storage.

G-Trak retractable screen in garage with garage door open

use with garage door up or down

Depending on the weather or personal preference, users can choose to have their garage door up or down while playing or practicing. The system can also be set up in reverse for activities like pitching baseballs or softballs, throwing footballs, and more.

G-Trak retractable screen with focus on telescopic tubing


The system is adaptable and can fit any garage door ranging from 8' to 16' in width, thanks to its easy telescopic adjustment.

G-Trak retractable screen in garage with movie on screen

Multi-Sport and Entertainment

The G-TRAK system is versatile and can be used for a variety of sports such as golf, baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, and hockey. Additionally, it can be utilized to watch movies.

G-Trak retractable nets wall mounted

Great for Facilities

G-TRAK is a 24/7 practice solution, making it ideal for schools, clubhouses, individual instruction, and club fitting.

G-trak retractable net wall mounted and retracted up fully.

More Than Garage Doors

Instead of garage sports, did you have another room in mind? G-TRAK can also be mounted to a wall while still providing the same convenient stow-away solution when not in use.

G-Trak founder using golf simulator on retractable screen

For the Family

Athletes and kids want a space to train and play indoors, at their convenience, without the interference of weather elements. Extend the season during harsh winters or blazing hot summers in the largest and most convenient space – the garage.